Shabnam Memorial Inter College

Shabnam Memorial Inter College occupies a unique place in the history of School Education in Barhalganj, At College, our endeavour is to shape the hidden, inherent potential of the child, as we firmly believe that "A spark of motivation will fire him to great innovation". A child learns what he sees and what is taught to him, showering a child with positive thoughts and opportunities helps not only in the process of creativity, but also enhances his personality. Our effort here has been to provide constant stimulation for the mind, by providing a favourable environment in which the students can exhibit their talent in academics, in creative and performing arts and in games and sports. This culminates in the child's harmonious and well-balanced development of personality, in an enjoyable manner, strengthened by the values of compassion and empathy.

The school aims at the child's active involvement in the process of learning there by making the educational process child centred and class room learning is made to co-relate with their lives outside the school. Shabnam Memorial Inter College is primarily an institution organized for providing value based education with international and secular perspective. The school aims at developing the child's creative and intellectual potentials and motivating the child to aspire for learning. The school is designed as a home for the future citizens of the world of highest reaches of technologies, information and teaching methodologies. The scholars of Shabnam Memorial will be instilled with analytical and empirical tools of knowledge coupled with strong practice of honesty and sincerity of thought and practice.